Paris Air Show: New Russian Firefighting Plane

The Paris Air Show is now in full swing, and a number of our good friends in the blogosphere are featuring wall-to-wall coverage of all the news coming out of Le Bourget.  Sadly, the PNDC budget doesn’t support such a fancy-pants excursion, so I’m relegated to reading about it like most of the rest of the world.

This interesting bit of news coming out of Paris caught my eye. While quite a bit of the news on this site refers to DoD issues, PNDC has a number of members (like Simplex Manufacturing and Columbia Helicopters) who are players in the airborne firefighting market.  This relatively new plane from Russian aircraft manufacturer Beriev being shopped around Paris has been fighting fires in Europe, and is knocking on the door of the North American market.  Looking at the huge fire currently burning in  AZ, I think such a machine just might find a market.

Read the original story from here.


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