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Kudos to Leupold Tactical

Leupold Glass Carries the Day

Article Written by Gary Hanson

Once again, PNDC member company Leupold Tactical is making an important contribution to the war effort.  The Leupold Mark 4 Extended Range/Tactical Riflescope is the main sight for the new Army “Game Changing” sniper rifle, the XM2010.  Leupold Tactical, a PNDC member company, produces some of the best military and civilian optics in the world and prides itself on meeting the changing needs of today’s armed forces.  The success of this user-focus is demonstrated by the pairing of the Mark 4 with the cutting-edge XM2010.

Sniper rifles have been crucial in many combat operations and have proven particularly effective in the mountains of Afghanistan.  The XM2010, with its .300 Win Mag cartridge and Leupold Mark 4 scope gives new meaning to the sniper motto: “if you run, you will only die tired.”

Click here to read the full story at Defense media network.


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How It’s Done – MiniMachine

MiniMachine of Bend, OR will be manufacturing parts for the M-9 pistol (above)

Here’s the latest in our series of govcon success stories:

MiniMachine, a PNDC member company located in Bend, Oregon, was recently awarded a contract to manufacture and supply components for the U.S. Army’s M9 pistol.

MiniMachine is a small woman owned business, specializes in the precision manufacturing of micro and ultra miniature machined components.   Historically, they have focused on the medical, telecom, and electronics industries but have been interested in supporting the government through contracting ever since the 9/11 attacks.

In recent years, MiniMachine has won three Department of Defense contracts: the first for a specialized hand reamer for an armament system and the second for an extractor assembly that was used on 155mm projectile mortar weapons.   The third contract, and indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity win was for the 9MM pistol components mentioned earlier.

MiniMachine has used many resources to successfully navigate the “process” of becoming a vendor to the Government including the Government Contract Assistance Program (GCAP) and numerous third party companies (i.e. FASPAC, Coyle & Company LLC, and IHS Global).  However, Mike Rosenboom, Vice-President of MiniMachine, attributes MiniMachine‘s current momentum in receiving contract awards to his affiliation with PNDC.  PNDC connected Mike with the Northwest Alliance Group, another PNDC member company that specializes in helping companies through the government contract process.  The two companies have worked together to ensure that successful bids come back as actual orders.

All in all, MiniMachine regards government contracting as a good investment.  Besides the obvious benefits of increased revenue and stable future earnings, working through the process has honed their core capabilities as a small parts manufacturer.  It has exposed their team to very concise and robust documentation requirements that have helped them improve their own internal and external communications.


For more information on MiniMachine, Inc please visit their website at:

For more information on Northwest Alliance Group, LLC please visit their website at:

Government Contract Assistance Program (GCAP) at

For government contracting assistance please contact PNDC:

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How It’s Done: Offices By Design

In the interest of providing some educational content for our members, this post will be the first of an occasional series called How It’s Done.  We’ll be keeping an eye out for member companies that notch a win with the government or a big prime.   Since the aim of PNDC is to help bring more money back to the Pacific Northwest, it seems like a good idea to make sure we keep you apprised of the best practices that are leading to wins. 

First up, a win for Offices by Design.  How it was done:

Offices by Design was recently awarded a $185,000 contract to supply and install office furniture to the U.S. Army Research, Development, and Engineering Command (RDECOM) near Boston, Massachusetts.

 Offices by Design is a small woman owned business based out of Hillsboro.  Maureen Greer, the President, began seriously looking into government contracting soon after joining the Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition last summer.  She has had a number of initial successes using online bid boards such as and DIBBS (the Defense Logistics Agency’s bid board).  These include a $35,000 sale of workstations to the National Science Foundation in Washington D.C. and a win with the Department of State.

Her most recent award of $185,000 from the Army’s RDECOM ended a nine month bid process including a site visit to their facilities in Massachusetts and a presentation to the RDECOM Director.  With this win, Offices by Design hopes to become an easy choice for any future RDECOM contracts.

Offices by Design’s effort exemplifies that while government contracting requires an upfront commitment of sweat equity – it can eventually pay off.  With experience under her belt, future contracts with the government will become a valuable portion of Maureen’s business.


For more information on OFFICES by Design, please visit their website at:

For government contracting assistance please contact PNDC:

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