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Exports: Saving our Bacon?

10 C-17s are heading to India

The budget situation in the United States looks pretty awful for the foreseeable future.  Where the Department of Defense will land in the upcoming slew of red ink is still an open (and much debated) question, but nobody is placing bets on a boom in major defense programs any time soon.

That’s why the recent decision by the Indian government to order 10 C-17’s from Boeing is such a relief to companies up and down the West Coast and around the country.  This win for Boeing guarantees that their Long Beach, CA based production line will be cranking out the Globemaster until 2014.  The effects of this one order can be seen all over the Northwest, including companies like Portland based Precision Castparts Corp, who supplies parts for the cargo plane.

This new order from India highlights a trend of major exports of US defense products.  W.J. Hennigan penned an excellent summary of the export market in today’s Los Angeles Times, and it’s definitely worth a read.   While the future climate for the domestic US defense market could still best be described as lousy, every dark cloud has a silver lining.  Perhaps the export market is just what the doctor ordered.

Update (6/17/11):As if on cue, Australia makes me look awfully smart.

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Two PNDC Members are Rockin’ the Charts

Two Number 1's for the Northwest

Aviation Week’s 2010 Aerospace and Defense Rankings are out, and look who came out on top?  None other than PNDC members FLIR Systems and Precision Castparts. 

The rankings fall into three categories (basically small, medium and large), and both firms won their respective categories.  In the $5-20B category, PCC bested such heavy hitters as Harris, Goodrich, and Bombardier.  PCC also notched a number 2 spot on the Five Year Most Improved list.  In the $1B-5B category, FLIR came in first place ahead of Cubic and Rockwell Collins.  FLIR was also recognized for their five year performance.  Honorable mention went to several other PNDC members, including Boeing and Meggitt.

For a full rundown of the rankings, head on over to Aviation Week’s Special Section on the 2010 A&D Awards.  Congrats to both firms and their employees for hauling in the hardware!

Need more detail on this story?  For FLIR Systems Public Affairs, contact Angel Bennett at 703.416.1043. 

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